Wolkne is a god game where you control and influence the world from above. With the help of your creature, convince humans to worship you and defeat your competition.

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Be the Ultimate Deity

Attain worshipers and guide them from above.

Choose Your Creature

Enlist help from your creature to convert villages to worship you.

Expand Your Influence

Grow your villages through compassion or terror.

Cast Powerful Miracles

Cast miracles bestowed by the belief of your followers.

Explore Different Worlds

Traverse the human isles and discover new human tribes.

Compete Against Other Deities

Go head-to-head against other deities for dominance.

Nurture or Punish

Your actions determine how you're percieved, whether good, evil, or something inbetween.

Interact with the land

Grab a villager, grow fields, and throw boulders. Pick up trees and plant a new forest.